About Storyjug

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    Men gain more from ‘telling’ themselves stories…

    The evidence suggests  men benefit significantly, after having an opportunity to tell their story.

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    Your back story contains the secret of your future success

    The solution to your problem lies within.

Using Story to Profit from your Loss!

Watch the video for an overview of what StoryJug does, for professionals, organisations and individuals like you. StoryJugging is a form of therapeutic storytelling but it’s not all about writing and therapy. And you don’t have to be clever with words. If you can think – then  you can StoryJug.

StoryJug helps people tell stories using art, photography, film and…of course, words, spoken and written.

As our ancestors knew, only too well – storytelling is good for us.

StoryJug helps people tell stories, to accelerate and stimulate more effective personal development. As our ancestors well knew – storytelling is good for us. It’s what’s required to plan, protect and progress, as we head on through life, from start to finish. Expressive arts have been proven to help relieve both physical and mental health stress for all kinds of people, the anxious, depressed and disappointed, veterans, stroke victims, the bereaved and people with long term conditions, physical and mental. To see how StoryJug works, watch the video below.


Telling Tales, to Help, Heal and Inspire
As you can see, StoryJugging is a form of art therapy. I combine the power of  story with solution focussed coaching to help people get where they want to be in life. My ‘Story Jug’, is a nod to the fundamental purpose of ‘story’ which works as a kind of psychological container.

Capturing events, memories and feelings has been an important facet of our humanity, since cave dwelling days. Man has always used story to communicate his feelings and experiences to others, in a palatable format. Today we write books, make films, post pictures on Facebook – same old, same old…!

StoryJugging works by raising the function of storytelling to a higher level to promote emotional recovery and improve emotional intelligence. After some instruction, it can be self-directed. You and (if you’re a service provider) your clients can easily learn to use ‘ story’ as a vehicle to explore, understand and recover from difficulties and loss and to better manage physical and mental health issues.

I have specific programmes to support:-

* Teams, individuals and organisations who need to manage change to survive
* Young people leaving care.
* Asylum Seekers and Refugees
* School pupils in transition from Primary to Secondary Education.
* The bereaved.
* People suffering with anxiety, depression and associated symptoms.
* Redundancy/re-employment support.

If you or your organisation could benefit from some StoryJugging, then drop me a line or give me a call and I’ll do all I can to match price/timings to suit your budget and objectives. If you want to know what a StoryJug programme might look like, then Click Here