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Workshops for an easier life…

StoryJug – a Social Enterprise

StoryJug is a social enterprise operating online and in the ‘real world’, providing life skill support for professionals, individuals and organsiations. StoryJug is being sponsored by Lloyds Bank, the Big Lottery Fund and the School for Social Entrepreneurs in its first proper year of operating.



Workshops for a better time at home, at work and out in the community

Story Jug runs workshops to help people tell stories. We also provide one to one direct support. Our dynamic ‘workshop’ format allows participants to practice a range of exercises and techniques to better understand their potential, their feelings and sense of self, in a creative and safe space.

Whilst the internet has given birth to an epidemic of personal expression, I personally believe it’s important we get the chance to stop, pause and reflect on our stories and understand them at a deeper level. This kind of work helps to prevent repetition of stressful and damaging situations and relationships.  By exploring our stories with guidance and if necessary, therapeutic support, we can present them back to ourselves in a more meaningful and useful way. Storytelling is a fundamental aspect of our humanity.Story Jug Workshops allow allow you to realise why.

Online Story Jug workshops work using a very simple technology, video conferencing. It requires no more than an internet connection and the same skill level it takes to use Skype – though we don’t use Skype. Like minded groups of people come together to tell stories together – some sharing, some not but everyone contributing in a way that is helpful to themselves at least and others in the group at best. Sessions are structured around writing/storytelling exericises that group members do in their own time.

Agreed hook up times for meetings are set. So a group of soldiers from all over the UK or a group of mental health nurses from across the country, might meet up at first as strangers, but then become used to one another and profit from ‘other people’s experiences and feedback’ in ways that throw a whole new light on your current difficulties. Group members may or may not share their work – more importantly they do share the insights gained from doing the work. This is what happens in the workshops whether in real life or online – people come together to discuss ‘how’ their stories can be understood and used for better choices and directions in the future – the story itself is not the focus.

Story Jug provides real time offline and online workshops to support for five distinct audiences.

  • Creative Writers

As a writer and producer, I have a keen ear for story and appropriate use of imagery. I don’t promise to turn your work into the next best seller but I will provide you a safe space to explore your talent and be honest and fair in feedback – importantly, we can provide you with small groups of like minded people so you can give each other feedback – the solution to good writing is actually inside you. There’s no need to pay thousands of pounds finding that out.

  • Counselling Clients, ex-counselling clients and/or those who fear a one-to-one counselling relationship

If you’ve suffered trauma in the past, abuse, have difficulty adjusting to civvy street after a career in the armed forces, then a therapeutic story workshop could be just the kind of activity you need to unlock unresolved feelings, organise and manage feelings and go on to continue your story with a more healthy and creative outlook. Therapeutic storytelling unlocks the feelings we find it difficult to talk about.

  • Caring Organisations/Support Groups – do you have a remit to provide an ‘excellent service’ for your clients, patients and members. Excellent service in this context means allowing your beneficiaries the opportunity to engage in activities, pastimes and roles which bring  pleasure and meaning and enhance quality of life.” Creative Story Workshops are an ideal way for people to participate, have their feelings validated and as a way of capturing thoughts, feelings and memories that might otherwise be lost and wasted.
  • Individuals who want to make changes to their life – change job, lose weight, give up smoking, stop being stuck, get out of or into a relationship….Story Jug can provide one to one coaching and support to enable you to find solutions and create a new way of living, by changing.
  • Private companies and Commerical Organisations – staff are ‘the’ key resource so if and when things change in the workplace, there’s a good chance some of your staff will find it difficult to cope. By enabling staff to integrate their past experiences in a way that informs and improves their handling of the new ways of working, you reduce stress and absenteeism, you improve team relations and you increase productivity and general well being of staff as a result. Valuing your staff enough to allow them to explore a better way to work – is always going to pay off.