About Storyjug

What is Storyjug?

What is Storyjug? Storyjug will help you write, publish and sell your story. We’re an E-book agency with a difference. Right now it’s just me – so there’s every reason for you to sigh…but I intend to grow, slowly. I  have a right to try. I’m a published author, qualified counsellor, accredited writing coach and experienced producer (12 years with www.twofour.co.uk). I think we can safely say I know what I’m doing. But it wasn’t always thus……

The Genesis

Agents are often called gatekeepers – only letting the ‘very best’ literature have a chance of being published. Let’s face it – they do a good job. There’s a need for them. But often they are driven by financial gain and not the needs of the reader.

I wrote a novel a few years ago and sent it to an agent. It was all about my mother.

‘It’s too raw’  said the agent. ‘It’s just too raw. You need to stand back a bit and then write your story.’

I’ve written three novels since then. But I often think back to that time when I was simply unaware of my process. I was not in a good place – and so why on earth would anyone want to go to that place with me? Storyjug can help you make sure you’re in the right place before you begin on your creative adventure.

Storyjug has been set up to help readers find books to inspire and support them. Your story may tell of adventures and travel or of triumph over adversity. You may have invented something? Won the lottery? A fictional story about a young child who dies can be as helpful if not more helpful than a self-help manual on bereavement. I want to share stories that can inspire and create hope. Storyjug is not interested in writers who want to become best sellers. That sets us apart from the crowd doesn’t it? Storyjug provides coaching expertise, writing expertise and publishing services to ensure you tell the very best story you can.

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Coach and Counsellor

As an accredited coach and fully qualified MBACP registered counsellor I can help you find the best ‘space’ to be in, so you can enjoy the telling of your story and importantly, finish it. I can give you insights around confidentiality, coping skills to manage your feelings when the story is published and a safe space to discuss the impact of your story on family and friends around you. With the support of a coach, you will ‘finish’ your story so it can be published. So what else can I do?

Writer and publisher

Technical expertise to format and publish your story and manage your royalties (my charges are 10%). I will publish your work electronically in the first instance. If your story sells, it will go to paperback.

Producer and marketer

Create video marketing assets for you, liaise with press and PR agencies, and manage media enquiries.

Final note

Storyjug won’t and can’t publish every story. In the event your work is not published, you are free to publish it yourself. We can provide the technical support to help you do this.

That’s it. If you have a story to tell, if you’ve had an amazing life, been on exciting adventures, conquered fears, lived through tragedy, triumphed over adversity, learned how to cope with a difficult disability, then come to Storyjug so we can share your expertise and your experiences – Storyjug wants to inspire the world!!!

Profits from this venture will be invested in the provision of ‘Story’ workshops for the aged, unemployed, vulnerable and disadvantaged populations who express an interest in ‘storytelling’ for therapeutic purposes.