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What’s the difference between coaching and counselling?


Coaching is goal orientated – every session is directed towards giving you the best route to the resources you need (personal, financial, emotional, technical, educational) to reach a goal. You may bring a different goal each week or you may have one specific goal you’re determined to reach but need some extra guidance, insight, support and encouragement to do so.

I am a qualified coach having undertaken an accredited course


Counselling can be goal orientated but more often than not it’s about problem solving, getting unstuck, seeking a deeper level of engagement with life in general and being able to overcome difficult pasts/traumas. Counselling can help you be in a better frame of mind to identify and reach the goals you need to feel whole and rounded.

At www.counsellingzone.com you will find a full description of the counselling services I offer. I am fully trained Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, the leading professional body for counsellilng and psychotherapy in the UK. I am a trained therapeutic writing facilitator and may use ‘writing’ and ‘narrative’ to enrich the therapeutic process where it’s requested and is beneficial to the work.

In the past I have written several versions of my life and presented the final manuscript to agents as veiled autobiography. They saw through all that of course. The narrative was laced with anger and invective all the way through and so was unpalatable to read and not worthy of publication. I got counselling, sorted myself out and since then am able to write more critically and from a more grounded dignified place. I’ve published three novels now and have a fourth ‘Bingo Kid’ in the final stages of its edit. I think for some writers with very difficult material to manage and write about, counselling might be a better first step than the agent’s doormat.