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Better futures for all of us…

StoryJimage-039ug uses ‘change’ and ‘story’ to help build and improve confidence, motivation and self-belief. This creative approach to coaching  is challenging. To reflect on our life and to recognise how much power we have, is challenging. Only a small amount of power is necessary to leverage small changes. Even small changes can create ripples of activity that flow right through our emotional and social landscapes, triggering surprising outcomes – good and bad. The energy created by change is the power of change and it works on a kind of feedback loop, so our experience of the impact of change whether good or bad, will be repeated. But only if we ignore our capacity as humans to effect a different kind of outcome. Good outcomes can be used to inform better decision making, and we as individuals can then live extraordinarily satisfying lives as a result. A better future for all of us.

For individual or group coaching sessions, here’s an outline of how the programme works…

It’s understood that in the first instance, something will be ending…a way of life, a belief, a key obstacle holding you back. If coaching is about change, then change begins with an ending.


Coaching Workshops

The end of a relationship…the ditching of a plan held dear…the loss of a loved one…the impact of war. What happens next? It’s important to honour the past as we so often contaminate our future by ignoring or denying negative feelings we still harbour resulting from distress.


Coaching Workshop 2

When change is upon us, we can feel lost, lonely, bereft, scared and worried as to what happens next. This is the Neutral Zone.You’ll learn to cope by summoning  your creative powers to help find and source strategies, strengths and new ideas to find solutions. 



At the end of the programme, you’ll be wise enough to know what to take with you, as you step into a new future, and what to leave behind. You’ll embark on a path mapped out by yourself,  confident in your ability to not just survive the troubles that come your way, but to ‘thrive’ in spite of them.


Coaching for Groups

Organisations with staff and communities who could benefit from low-cost high impact personal development programmes will enjoy huge rewards by investing in a coaching programme. Coaching gives people life skills that keep on working long after the coaching has stopped.


Coaching for Individuals

My short term coaching programmes are designed to use solution focussed techniques that make the most of your talents, skill sets, resources and preferred lifestyle. Coming to terms with how much change you want or don’t want, in the first session, means subsequent sessions focus on your essence and the dreams and goals that mean the most to you.