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Workshops for the Community

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Creative Workshops for Caring/Support Organisations

Run a Therapeutic Workshopto give clients/patients a chance to work on their stories, at their own pace

Story Jug designs creative workshops for;- the aged, those in residential homes, health support groups, young people, the disaffected, veterans, PTSD sufferers, those with a history of sexual abuse and domestic violence, perpetrators of domestic violence, asylum seekers and refugees, ‘group therapy’ groups, those recovering from substance abuse.

Run a Therapeutic Workshopfor staff, carers and family to share their challenges, achievements and goals…

Story Jug designs creative workshops for staff and family who can so often become very stressed when caring for people with complex problems, traumatic injury or long term/terminal illness. Caring is difficult. The impact of this demanding work can have detrimental effects on a carer’s mental health and well being. Creative story workshops enable carers, whether paid or unpaid, voluntary or circumstantial, to enjoy the up sides of life much more and be more accepting of the down sides. Participating in a workshop in itself brings a sense of relief and self validation.

Create Memoirs, Souvenirs and Artefacts –  a legacy you can be proud of…

After workshops, some participants want to see their work reach a wider audience or leave something of value to their loved ones, in the form of a creative legacy. Story Jug offers organsations an opportunity to capture the creative outputs from clients and format them for publication or broadcast.