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Life writing comes in all shapes and forms, as documentaries, plays, fiction and non-fiction. It’s the ‘life’ element that we work with, at StoryJug, and also the ‘quality’ element, for those who wish to be published or commissioned, professionally. Some of us have difficult stories to tell and creative vehicles can help to contain our emotions, allowing us a safer space to reflect on the impact of what’s gone on. StoryJug offers creative writing workshops to support people who want to transcend difficulties to create something beautiful.

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Creative Writing workshops are for sharing as well as for writing.

Whilst I don’t run workshops on how to write science fiction, I will help writers who want to use science fiction as a means to tell their story. In our Creative Wellbeing Workshops, we make it clear to all that it’s not necessary to ‘show and tell’ one’s story, as the benefit of the work is in the ‘process’ not the outcome. In Creative Writing workshops, the emphasis  is on the ‘creative’. In these workshops, participants are encouraged to ‘show’ their work as the whole objective of the enterprise is to produce a story for an audience, no matter what that format may be. It’s therefore necessary to test the story or the beginnings of… on an audience, to gain a better understanding of how it might/might not develop.  

Workshops for Groups

Workshops are run at a venue of your choice or in Devonport Guildhall, in Plymouth, Devon, with dates set throughout the year. The next creative writing workshop event will be held on April 5th. Cost is £25 per person, per half day session and the group is limited to 10.
The course covers:- Transposing fact into fiction, how to write ‘character’, creating ‘distance’ from emotionally upsetting material, editing to focus on the essence of story and quality control.

Individual Support

I can give online and face to face support to anyone wishing for support with their writing. The key to getting a story out there, is to do the work but that’s not always easy when so many other pressures are upon us. With creative coaching from me, you can rest assured that you reach your goals and some…

Groups Online

I’m hoping to set up Google Hangout’s for people who are writing about the same kinds of issues so we can share and discuss work. If you’re interested in this, then drop me a line…joanna@storyjug.com.