About Storyjug

StoryJug Workshop Formats

Online & Real Life Workshop Formats – A Meeting of Minds

Workshop formats are designed to meet the needs of different people facing similar challenges – so there are Online Workshops to accommodate similar people who live in geographically dispersed areas, and there are real time, real life workshops to support local individuals and groups who want to meet up and share the experience together.

Online Story Jug workshops work using a very simple technology, video conferencing. It requires no more than an internet connection and the same skill level it takes to use Skype – though we don’t use Skype. Like minded groups of people come together to contribute their stories, experiences or insights, in to help both themselves and others in the group.

Sessions are:-

  • Structured around writing/storytelling exercises
  • Enable group members to write and create in their own time
  • Take place at pre-arranged times
  • For groups of like-minded/similarly challenged people eg mental nurses, solidiers, people suffering from anxiety, fiction writers
  • For group members to share their insights gained from doing the storytelling work – no-one is asked to share – only those who want to share their work can do so.
  • Like therapy, are bound by members’ agreements and confidentiality rules
  • Are ‘NOT’ therapy.

Real life Story Jug Workshops operate in the same way as Online workshops, except that:-

  • Storytelling exercises are completed in real time, at the time the workshop is run
  • Different members’ agreements and additional confidentiality agreements may apply
  • Online contact details are not shared between members unless by the member themselves

To talk about your needs or the needs of your organisation, just email me and I’ll give you a call at a time to suit.