About Storyjug

Share Your Story In Brief

Story Jug invites you to share your story – we want to harness the power of the drama in your story, to enable other people to learn from it. By understanding your story in the whole, we can better understand you. This means, health professionals will be better able to identify the kinds of treatment and support that people like you, will need, to get better. Our societies are complex and so are we –  our stories can provide us with all the education, information and entertainment we need to help us make the best of our own lives and reach our full potential.

Non Profit Venture

The internet is awash with story. Finding stories is difficult. I hope to bring some rigour to this process. You can help me help people, by contributing your story, in brief, to this project. It will NOT take very much of your time and your story could prove to be of invaluable help to others. You may be re-compensated for your efforts later on – however, this is Non Profit venture at an embryonic stage. Can you help feed the baby?


Your personal details will remain confidential – and your story will not be published in full – only a summary of your story will be visible to the public and you will write that summary. Please help me to support and inspire future generations, families and practitioners by  sharing your true stories of your mental health issues. If you would like to tell someone else’s story and you have their permission, this would also be very useful.

Please complete the form below. After completion, we will contact you by email and ask for confirmation as to the accuracy and validity of your story, and to collect your personal details.

To re-iterate: YOUR PERSONAL IDENTIFIER information will be kept confidential.


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