About Storyjug

StoryJug Workshops Help You Manage Change

 StoryJuggers search stories for truth, to both acknowledge and accept them. From this, a genuine picture emerges. Emotional well being springs from truth, not wishful thinking. Satisfying resolutions won’t materialise if important parts of the story are ignored or denied.


StoryJuggers build a better future based on the strengths, passions and principles that are unique and core to the humanity in all of us. These resources help us reclaim our story and reframe the drama within it. We design a future we can thrive in, despite the history we’ve survived.


As a result of the work undertaken, StoryJuggers develop a range of tools and coping strategies to manage difficult feelings and emotions and to promote well being in the here and now.



For a  review of some of the available research and evidence supporting the value of this work, download the report NOW! Download