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Therapeutic Writing and Storytelling

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Therapeutic writing and storytelling


StoryJug brings a discipline to the art of storytelling, to promote well being. Creative storytellingis a unique instinctive skill we all share, but guidance and support is often necessary to help with containment and structure. First of all, StoryJuggers search for the truths within their story in order to acknowledge and accept them. This search promotes authenticity, so a genuine picture emerges. If our stories are not authentic, they don't ring true and emotional well being springs from truth, not obfuscation or wishful thinking. Satisfying resolutions cannot materialise if important parts of our story are ignored or denied.


Thereapeutic writing and storytelling - stage 2

StoryJuggers do not get stuck in the past however. On the contrary - the whole premise of StoryJugging is to build a better future based on the strengths, passions and principles we hold dear and are core to our humanity. We identify these resources by reclaiming our story and reframing the drama within it. Essentially, we design a future we can thrive in, from a history we've survived.


Thereapeutic writing and storytelling - stage 3

Using story to reflect on loss, illness and disappointment has been proven to improve the mental and physical well being of those who engage with and honour the deep feelings stirred up by their experiences. In a StoryJug workshop, we undertake specific exercises to address these feelings to promote well being in the here and now.

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