About Storyjug

Coaching and Change

 ‘Transition Workshops to help You Make Changes’

A series of 4 programmes run weekly, for up to ten people. You will learn how to find solutions and forget problems and how to use your own emotional intelligence to better:-

  • Understand how to cope with endings
  • Understand how to cope with the emotional turmoil that underpins endings
  • Learn how to profit from the in-between space to manage new beginnings better
  • Learn how our history of ‘ending things’ impacts on how we manage endings now
  • Learn how to approach new beginnings in a way that plays to our strengths
  • Be more self-resourced as we make the transtion from an ending to a new beginning…

This is a simple outline of how it works for face to face sessions – pricing starts at £199.00 for a coaching programme. For more information contact joanna@storyjug.com.


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