About Storyjug

Workshops in Health Settings

Story Jug workshops in health settings can be a great boost to other treatments and support strategies that are in place to help clients. For people who are recovering from trauma or have been diagnosed with serious and potentially terminal diseases, coming to terms with the here and now can be a daunting prospect.  Taking time out to reflect on our stories and our histories can have a palpable positive effect on how we cope with the challenges we face or are yet to confront. Story is a way of organising and managing our feelings towards the many and various facets of challenge we face.

Exercises for people in health settings might include:-

  • 5 minute sprints to explore our current state of mind and how it impacts on our relationships
  • journal writing techniques to track our progress over time
  • Alpha poems to conjure up associations from the sub concious
  • Structured writes around specific topics, issues and difficulties

There are lots of different tools and techniques that can be used in a workshop setting – to reflect the needs and abilities of the participants.

Artistic and creative endeavours can have a very positive effect on well being and health mananagement.